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We bring yoga to your home,

your workplace or

wherever you may be!

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"My daughter loves yoga and bought me a month of sessions at Yogana, it had been while since I last did any yoga, so I was a little concerned at my ability to keep up, no need to worry, the class was paced well and the instructions clear, I am now a regular attendee and love it. I like the peaceful atmosphere, excellent instruction and there is no need to bring a mat."

Roxanne Davies

"I am very happy to find a Yoga class (Beginners Yoga) that was appropriate for me. The instructor is very informative and explains the stretches/poses perfectly."

Kathleen T

"The friendship and professionalism of the teacher made each class something to look forward. In addition, I immediately felt results from the constant attendance. The tips provided concerning why poses or exercises worked, hence my ability to continue my practice even when not at Yogana. I like both Hatha and power class. I like the flow of Hatha and extra physical demand of power."

John Henley

"The class is a wonderful place to come and build your love for yoga with professional guidance from Mrs. Nahid. I’ve come to this class with no experience and I feel that my confidence and strength rise to no limits. Mrs. Nahid opens up the whole new world for me. I’m grateful and inspired. She is doing the best of her capability to insured that we leave this class with good experiences. I always look forward to our classes together."

Daniela Pazurikova-Hatha class participant

"I like the long, slow meditation at the start, which also moves into warming the muscles slowly and gentle but also fully before the dynamic poses. I also like the length of the class as we accomplish so much, both relaxation and all the important yoga poses including balance. All motions are clear, precise, safe and challenging as I am fit and active so appreciate this level. Good attention to body alignment, nothing jerky. Voice calm, Nahid is also so extremely pleasant and amenable to my needs."

Susan Bridger-Power class participant

"I like the lie down poses. Nahid is the teacher she is really good, I think you could come too. She is very nice. My class is very fun. I am learning lots of moves."

Nadia 9 years old-Yoga for youth class participant

Instructions before starting Yoga

  • If you suffer from a medical condition or have any existing health challenges such as diabetes or high blood pressure, consult your doctor before you begin yoga.
  • Wear comfortable and loose clothes that do not restrict your movement or breathing. Cotton fabric allows the body to breath better than synthetic materials.
  • Remove any jewelry, watches, glasses and contact lenses (if practical) before starting a yoga session.
  • Take a warm shower before practicing yoga, in order to warm up your muscles. This will allow you to stretch deeper and reduce the chance of an injury.
  • Avoid taking a shower at least 1 hour after practicing yoga. Showering immediately drains away essential energy. The energy that you have built up through practice cannot be replenished.
  • Exercising on a full stomach is not advisable. Always practice on an empty stomach and avoid eating for at least 2-3 hours beforehand.
  • Choose a peaceful and open space, clear of furniture. The room should be comfortably heated and free from disturbances, dust and smoke.
  • Try to practice yoga everyday at the same time and place. A few minutes every day is better than a whole hour once or twice a week.
  • Never force your body into a posture or try to go beyond your limit. Ease yourself gently into each position. To begin with, you may feel some stiffness for a day or two, but this will soon pass. Do not force your body to do any poses (asanas). Be patient and move into your poses with care and precision.
  • Inverted Yoga poses should not be done during Menstruation.
  • Normal breathing should be maintained while performing yoga postures.
  • Do some warm-up exercises before yoga like simple stretches. Warm up will prepare you physically for Yoga Poses.
  • It is always important to take savasana (final resting pose) at the end of practice. Savasana helps integrate the benefits of all the yoga poses performed. Rest in savasana for at least five minutes.