Small Group
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Small Group

Practicing yoga with your family or friend is fun and you can do it at anytime. Do it at your place or your building recreation room in groups of 4-5. Our experienced and dedicated teachers make yoga practice safe and enjoyable in a way that works for you and your friends. We also offer different group yoga styles including Prenatal Yoga for acceptance moms and Gentle Yoga for group of seniors. Your instructor will talk you through each yoga pose, explaining the theory behind it and making sure your posture is exactly right. The session can be tailored exactly to group strengths and weaknesses. Yogana mobile yoga will gladly provide free consultations for you to choose the appropriate course and meeting your needs.


How Small Group Yoga works


  • Call or email us to book your appointment. 
  • Friends and family come together at home or buildings gym, as a group, once a week or more.
  • Group sessions are possible in group of 4-5 (depending on your space availability).
  • The sessions can be scheduled after work or on weekends.
  • The session offers a mixture of gentle and dynamic yoga.
  • The sessions are designed to suit all capabilities, and the poses are tailored for the individual needs of the groups.

Our goal is to help students practice yoga & mindfulness in everyday places