Yoga for Youth
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Yoga for Youth

Yogana Mobile Yoga presents yoga for Youth (age 6-16) in Schools and homes. Your children have an opportunity to learn yoga in a fun, safe and non-competitive environment! This class is carefully designed for the pure soul of children growing in a fast paced world. Yoga for Youth incorporates calming techniques, self-discipline, and flexibility through playful and imaginative journeys.


Benefits of yoga for youth:


  • Improves strength, flexibility & body awareness
  • Helps balance body & mind
  • Nourishes creativity, strengthens focus & concentration
  • Encourages compassion, respect & team work
  • Develops self discipline & self control
  • Expands awareness of nature, animals & the environment
  • Teaches how to relax & reduce stress and anxiety


How Yoga for Youth works


  • Call or email us to book your appointment.
  • Students come together at home or school, as a group, once a week or more.
  • Group sessions are possible in any size (depending on your space availability).
  • The sessions can be scheduled after school hours.
  • The session offers a mixture of physical exercises, breathing and mindfulness practices.
  • The sessions are designed for the pure soul of children growing in a fast paced world.

"I like how it’s very relaxing and you don’t have to worry about later, just have fun then. I would say Yogana is a great class for beginners and experienced kids. The yoga teacher is very experienced and you will learn a lot and never get bored."

Tarra 13 years old-Yoga for youth class participant

"I like the lie down poses. Nahid is the teacher she is really good, I think you could come too. She is very nice. My class is very fun. I am learning lots of moves."

Nadia 9 years old-Yoga for youth class participant